Legal Research Topics for University Students

In this article we are sharing some Research paper topics for university students. They Are following:

* Should credit card companies have more respect?
* In case of natural cutting (without planted) trees to ban them?
* Rape Penalty: the best punishment?
* If the legal system is more liberal and protection against homosexuality?
* Physical torture and the death penalty: good or bad?
* Should a rapid and rapid national survey be taken before declaring a large-scale invasion
* Should parents be banned from smoking? (Prohibition of smoking)
* Should parents be forbidden to consume too much alcohol?
* Domestic violence: tougher punishment?
* Death penalty: good or bad?

Environmental Research Topics for University Students

* In the case of hybrid fuel cell vehicles and mandatory in the modern world?
* Water hyacinth: a raw material for paper and a machine to swallow pollution
* Artificial fertilizers: poison in healthy food
* Should plastic and aluminum containers be banned?
* Work for the environment: should it be compulsory in schools and colleges
* Weapons of production: How much does it pollute?
* Wars: One of the co-workers principle of pollution and global warming

Education Research topics for university students

* In case of religions and their ideology is taught in school?
* Education: improvements in the system?
* Calculators and computers: conventional assassins learning skills
* Ethical issues in education
* Karl Marx: The sociologist who spoke the truth
* How important is technology in education?
* Reproductions of Mahatma Gandhi: if it is taught in schools?
* If literature from other cultures was translated and taught in schools
* Music: The Mathematics of Emotion
* Social aspects in education
* If culture is an integral part of the education system?
* Should cell phones be allowed in schools?
* Age right for sex education in schools?
* Gender Discrimination in Education
* Passive smoking data

Social research topics for university students

* High rate of divorce: the problem lies in the society itself or the individual?
* Women’s Rights
* Western Free World: A primitive society or a sophisticated society?
* Liberal views on Sex: Harmful to the social system?
* Happiness can be mathematically measured
* Have we strayed from our true self due to materialism?
* New adolescent role models: a curse on teens and preteens
* Should you go below 16, get discouraged?
* Porn: Should it be banned?
* Alcoholism in society
* Human rights: the doctrine of protest
* Animal rights: should children be aware?
* HIV / AIDS: How should we deal with it?
* Stress: A product of materialism in society?
* Why do people smoke?

You can also take a look at the list of persuasive speech topics for more entry students. The above were just some of the many research topics that may have an interesting project or essay.

These topics will offer you several opportunities for experimentation and study. If you surf a little more on this site I guarantee that you will have much more ideas and leads. I hope that the development of research topics for university students is a resource. Good luck.