Example of a Review

The review is a writing that summarizes or describes the most important of a book, film, presentation, work or other. It serves to present a brief and deep critical vision about something. The review serves to persuade the reader about what is written. The review is commonly used in magazines, newspapers and blogs to show the view of the writer with respect to what is reviewed.

Example Review:

Here I leave an example of a review sent by Eduardo Vela about Allegro, a film by Christopher Boa.

It is difficult to know at what point the story begins or ends up being fantasy, it is a story, where contrasts collapse, where you move from the beautiful to the grotesque in a single scene, where imagination, and reality converge in the mentality and In the concept of human memory. A little more, or less of realism, would have completely destroyed the concept of this film. “Allegro”, by Christian Boe (2005), is an intriguing film, which awakens the imagination and explains in a forceful way, the effects of the search for perfection.

The film tells the story of Masterstroke, a pianist, who became almost human twice in his life. Someone who in his quest for perfection left his memory when he needed it, someone whose talent was the only thing in his life, who as a child learned to be perfect, and forgot to be a human being.

The story begins with Tom, a more mysterious character than known, someone who functions as a link between two worlds, the real world, where Masterstroke is a pianist, and “The Zone”, place trapped in a magical state, where reality is abstracted In the lost memories of the pianist, place that shares a physical location in the reality of history, but that is impenetrable for any human being. Tom, tells us the lost memories of Masterstroke, his childhood, his desires, and the love he found and could not see.

Below is the current life of Masterstroke in New York, an excellent pianist, eccentric, and solitary. Who does not remember anything about his life more than ten years ago, where he receives an invitation to return to his hometown, and recover his memory, going to “The Zone”, an invitation he rejects and soon after, out of curiosity or intrigue, you accept. What happens in Denmark, host country of “The Zone”, is the development and conclusion of a mission for the search of humanity of the perfect pianist. Where he discovers what he felt, and forgets what he learned, in a story full of mysticism, and mystery.

This story, in conclusion, is an impressive cinematographic work, which solves the idea of the imperfection of perfection, and the utility of memory, recommended for those who like abstract films and who seek to express an idea about anything else.