Compose a movie review

A movie review with these instructions is a writing that presents a judgment or comment on a movie. So, we get more information and decide if we are interested in seeing it. It usually includes:

· The names of the persons involved in the making of the film;

· The plot summary;

· The historical context in which the action is carried out (where and when it occurs);

· The evaluation of some aspects of the film (the story, the performance of the characters, the music, the message it conveys, etc.).

Write a movie review with these instructions:


1. Choose a film related to some Asian country.

2. Watch the movie twice. The first time, enjoy it freely. In the second, write the scenes that call your attention.

3. Answer: Do you like it? Why? Should other people see her? Who? Why? What is your message? What values do you promote? What can we learn from his plot?

· Writing

1. Write the heading of the movie with the details you learned.

2. Write a paragraph describing the historical context. Specifies whether it is based on real life.

3. Write the summary in a paragraph or two. Remember that you should not count the most important parts of the film, as readers may lose interest in seeing it.

4. Present your evaluation in the last paragraph. Includes answers to planning questions.

· Correct- Review your review with this list:

___ Includes all parts of the review

___ A description of the historical context of the film is made.

___ Has a complete summary of the plot.

___ Presents a compelling evaluation for a reader to see the film or not.