An academic essay in 5 paragraphs

Just as we saw that it is feasible to write a literary essay in a few paragraphs, for the case of the academic essay can also be done in just five paragraphs, according to the following scheme:

Choose a theme: As in the case of literary essay, the subject of pets is a good excuse to write an essay, it’s just a question of giving it the right approach.

Formulate a thesis: A possible thesis may be as follows: Pets benefit health.

Paragraph 1 (Introduction): In this paragraph a general approach of the subject is made, like to indicate how from the antiquity the human being has liked to have animals like company. The thesis is pointed out, pointed out, when pointing out that the taste or need to have pets can be explained by the benefits they represent to the health of their owners.

Paragraph 2 (Development): In this section the arguments that support the thesis begin. As it is an academic essay, it is necessary that these arguments come from authorized sources, that is to say studies that have verified previously what we assure. For this it will be necessary to search in books on psychology and health data on the subject. An example would be the research article “Therapeutic visits of pets in hospitals”, published in the Chilean Journal of Infect logy, which is a well-known academic publication and reports that: “The earliest description of the participation of domestic animals in therapies Medical) was by Florence Nightingale in 1860, who noted that pets were an excellent company for patients with chronic conditions.

Paragraphs 3-4 (Development): Similarly, other sources of information can be incorporated into these paragraphs, because in an academic essay it is always better if more than one source is used. It is very important that the sources are quoted verbatim or by paraphrase in an appropriate way.

Paragraph 5 (Conclusion): Once the data supporting the thesis are detailed, a sentence can be written to summarize the above.

Bibliography: Always include a section with the complete list of books, journals or sources consulted.

In the section What is an essay?, It was explained that the inherent freedom of the essay makes its extension variable, from a few pages, to a complete book. In the same way, the flexibility of the essay allows this genre to tackle all kinds of subjects, from the most every day, to deep philosophical, social or political reflections.
Being aware that an essay does not necessarily have to be an extensive and complex work that addresses deep issues, but can also deal with simple everyday issues, can help overcome the anguish generated by the requirement to write a free essay.
An example of the simplicity with which the genre of essays can be approached is the Mexican writer Julio Torri, who wrote a memorable series of short essays, which in their brevity contain a masterful mastery of the genre.
Here is a brief analysis of the structure of his essay “The Bicycle”, which consists of only seven paragraphs, but contains all the elements and structure that make up this genre.

This text by Julio Torri is an essay of literary type, that is to say, it gives priority to the creativity and style of the author, who exposes in a free way his opinion on a particular subject. In the literary essay, as explained above, the author offers an overview of his own thinking, without being obliged to use a rigorous or structured critical apparatus.